"Spoken word requires a substantial emotional and physical investment—the demands of the medium are high, and there isn't really a grace period. During the first weeks of working with Demi, I was struck by her supportive demeanor, her incisive critiques, and her unbridled enthusiasm for the medium. She also has a broad knowledge of Spoken Word's history, and its institutional arrangements. Within the course I took with her while a student at UCSB, Demi introduced me to artists who pioneered the format, contemporary practitioners that were relevant to my interests, and current topics and concerns. Demi has developed a strong pedagogical practice to complement her own accomplishments as a performer. Under her tutelage, students see a remarkable development in their practice, and miraculously, it never really feels like work."


— Vijay Masharani, Artist


"Studying spoken word with Demi Anter at UC Santa Barbara was something I took with me and used in every aspect of my life since. She really helped me open myself up to things I had otherwise ignored or not known about myself, like reminding me that it’s okay for an adult to feel sentimental over a baby chick pet I once had when I was 8 years old and accidentally killed, or not to be afraid of speaking my native language (Spanish) in front of others in public in fear that they might judge me in some way given our current political climate in the United States. As a musician, I have also applied Demi’s spoken word teachings to my music by reminding me to skip all the fillers and cut to the chase. Keep it simple, to the point, and with conviction, an effective principle that I will continue to use in many facets of my life."


— Eddie Perez, Musician


"The first time I saw a Spoken Word performance, besides being in awe I had one thought immediately: I can never do that. Three years later, I found myself in Beginning Spoken Word performing a meditative rendition of Mmmbop by Hansen. The fear hadn’t left me but the difference now was that I had encouragement. Demi’s laughter boomed from the corner of the room and I could breathe a sigh of relief. I thought to myself, maybe I could do this after all.

     As a TA, Demi provided me with valuable insight. Her critiques during class and our one-on-one sessions helped me discover deeper meaning in my words and performance. Every suggestion was thoughtful and guided me towards improvement, while allowing me to experiment along the way to find my voice.

     I carry the lessons I learned from Demi with me to this day. Whether I am writing or speaking in public, each word is intentional. I can express myself more completely, which is something I will be forever grateful for."


— Natalie Earhart,

 Co-Founder of Almost Real Things


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